Bullies In The Workplace

In today’s article, we will talk about workplace bullies. You probably thought that bullies only exist in school. After all, employees must be mature enough not to be a bully, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always true. Employees are expected to act professionally in the workplace, but there are still some employees who show unprofessional and immature behavior.

Why do grown adults turn into workplace bullies? One possible reason could be because of their insecurities. They don’t know how to deal with their insecurities, so they try to cope by showing aggressive behavior towards the people they work with. They think that they become powerful and more superior by doing this. Another reason could be because they were once bullied as a child. They feel like they are getting some sort of revenge by bullying their coworkers. A lot of workplace bullies cannot be easily changed. Their character is just like that. They are blind to their own shortcomings so they are not willing to change themselves for the better.

There are many different types of bullies in the workplace. There are the passive-aggressive bullies who talk behind your back. There are loud bullies who always say something offensive. There are stealthy bullies who try to appear nice but work against you secretly. These negative behaviors can be seen in many different ways. Sometimes, it could be as simple as being treated differently or being excluded from social gatherings. But they all have similar effects. In the long run, they ruin your confidence. They ruin the trust you have in your coworkers. Workplace bullying tactics impacts your performance negatively. This is a legitimate problem in the workplace.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to talk to the bully or consult your manager. These methods do not always work. This is because very few companies actually have policies that can safeguard an employee from abusive workplace behavior. A lot of offices just choose to sweep this issue under a rug and act like it’s not a pressing issue. This is true especially when the bully involved is a manager or a supervisor. There are times when companies just choose to ignore or terminate the employee just to appease the bully who has a high position. This is another reason why bringing up the issue to the management does not always produce favorable results.

It always helps to maintain a good level of composure in the face of bullying. Try to be as professional as you realistically can. Become so valuable that the bully can do nothing to bring you down. You’re your contributions known to the workplace, especially to the key decision makers. It will also help to have a strong network in the office that will support you. However, you know that you have a limit. If your situation continues to get worse, then start finding a new job. You deserve a better company and a better manager who will treat you fairly.


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