The Funnel Of Opportunity


Not getting an interview call is perhaps one of the most frustrating things of all time. We all know the importance of a job as it is the paycheck which ensures that you can handle the umpteen expenses that are a part of the day to day life. The frustration tends to build even higher when you put in a lot of preparations, but nothing seems to be working out. When you don’t even get an interview call, you can’t even think of where your preparation is going wrong. However, being disappointed and giving up is not the solution. You have to understand and think what you can do to handle the problem.

The positive mindset

You must have heard of the need to harbor a positive mentality. Until and unless you have a positive mindset, it will be really hard to come up with the right approach. Often, it is seen that people tend to give up even before they have put in their best. So, you have to understand as to why your approach still needs to brim with positivity.

Your positivity will ultimately change the way you think. You must have an ardent belief from within that sooner or later; you are going to have the job that you love. It is believed that the events that happen in and around us are the direct outcome of the thoughts that circulate in our mind. So, are you not willing to give this theory one chance?

Wake up every day believing that today you will hear good news and might get an interview call. We know it is easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible either. If you would like some more tips on how to create the funnel of opportunity, we would recommend checking out Landing Interviews Guaranteed and read this post here.

Creating opportunities

Sometimes opportunities don’t come knocking, but you need to find them. So, it is your duty to ensure that you can create the right kind of opportunities which will make an apt difference. Give your best of efforts and look at the different ways by which you could land an interview call.

Do not fiddle with the quality of application that you are submitting but at the same time, you need to be sure that you are filling in as many applications as you can. Once again, apply only to the jobs you want but do not put a limiter on the amount of job you are applying to.

This way you can one up a world of possibilities for you.

Follow up with the right attitude

After you have filled in the application, do not play the waiting game. You should start your preparation for the next stage. The most pitiable condition is when after a tormenting wait when you will get an interview call, your lack of practice will let the opportunity slip. So, rather than regretting, you should start preparing for the interview beforehand. Sooner or later, you will manage to land an interview call and when you are completely prepared for it, you will most likely clear it in the very first round itself.

These are some of the ways by which you can get yourself an interview call. Of course, no one can guarantee the time it will take. Sometimes, you might get a call immediately and on other occasions, the process may take days, weeks and even months. The key here is to be patient and to believe in the power of positivity. Hey, you can also read our good tips about art of critical thinking and please click here.


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